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Can AI Help Us Restore Media Integrity And Curb Fake News?
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Can AI Help Us Restore Media Integrity And Curb Fake News? 

In the past, fake news had done quite some irreversible damage. Apart from that, unscrupulous media reporting too, has marred the integrity of some high-profile media firms, politicians and established institutions around the world.

And while new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) might make things even worse, it can also be used to combat misinformation. These days, there’s so much negativity spiralling around and there’s hardly any monitoring measure we can truly rely on to cut fake news off from our news feed.

Can technology really solve fake news? According to an article published on EU’s Horizon e-magazine written by Tom Cassauwers, a research funded by the EU aimed at proving how sophistication in AI might provide us some filters and an integrity barometer to define fake news and make better judgement about the information we come across with.

Although both researchers who conducted the study were sceptical, but nonetheless, they were convinced that technology may offer some solutions to help.

One of the researchers, Prof. Bronstein says it would be naive to expect technology to solve the problem of fake news. “It’s not just about detecting fake news. It’s also a problem of trust and a lack of critical thinking. People are losing trust in traditional media and institutions, and that’s not something that can be mitigated only through technology,” he said.

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