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Building the case for change: Public sector risks and vulnerabilities
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Building the case for change: Public sector risks and vulnerabilities 

Technological change is disrupting everything, including how the public sector will operate in the future. Despite this, in the centre of today’s disruptive climate, the public sector is a critical player to help transform communities around the world. Significantly, societies, industries and businesses operate within the framework that is shaped by the public sector.

Increasingly, actors in the public sector need to be able to adopt innovative change models and leveraging learnings to achieve their goals. Providing context on the factors that threaten to dilute the public sector’s impact, In 2015, MIGHT published a list outlining the risks and vulnerabilities faced by the public sector between 2015 to 2025.

The list was created to instigate action from the public service sector to create the necessary strategies and action plan to mitigate, negate or lessen the impact or likelihood of these threats happening. After all, it has been 3 years. But what are your thoughts on the considerations below?

Ultimately, the future talent pool will be smaller than today as a result of declining birth rates and this could eventually lead to a possible depopulation in Malaysia. As such, intense competition between public and private sectors to get the right talent will be greater. To learn more about the topic, you can read the original article here.

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