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Assembling A Super Team (Startup Version)
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Assembling A Super Team (Startup Version) 

No founder could ever run an enterprise on his own. For a startup, a dynamic team will determine its successes and failures as you strive to be on the front line. Initial startups should not become examples for future employees but should be a solid base that becomes your business stronghold in the industry. In seeking your shareholders, associates and employees, it is best to select people with the same vision and mission or an applicant with a peculiar trait that may contribute to the expansion of your business.

Unusual people

The traditional ways of hiring startup members have now gone beyond mere interviews, cover letters, and resumes. Established corporations such as Buzzfeed have a different approach when it comes to hiring new talents.

They ask the interviewees directions on how to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich! Sophia Matveeva, a startup founder of Style Council, came across an interesting Instagram profile of the her “best people” who liked their vacancy post and she “cannot imagine the company without her.”

Attitude First!

Startup companies could be a progress-driven and gruelling environment for some people, which is why founders ought to assess potential employees from the inside out. This will help founders in identifying people who are capable, adaptable and committed to making a difference.

The Halloween Costume company created a “rapid fire challenge”, asking unusual questions in quick succession, such as ‘What colour would you be?’ and ‘Would you eat yourself if you’re a hotdog?’. They claimed it reveals their honest and true nature as a person and as a future employee.

Then, Experience

Be it someone who has been employed for over 10 years or a fresh graduate who is seeking his or her first employment – experience does matter. It is more about quality rather than quantity.

Ask them about their past experience or look into their portfolio. It should be able to give you an inkling of their future potential. As a founder, it is your prerogative to shape them up into someone who will contribute to your business expansion.

A Progressive Effort

A startup is “always in hiring mode if you are growing,” according to Matveeva. Hiring new employees has been proven to provide ease in management, problem-solving and having people with a particular speciality can lead the business to the next level. While it is normal for established companies to offer multiple openings, startups are normally made up of referral people, as they are more reliant on qualities at the early stage of a startup.

A startup is built up of a strong network of employees who will steer the business to success. While it might be time-consuming, a strong base is what helps the business to grow and establish its presence in the industry.


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