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Art Not Bombs!
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Art Not Bombs! 

In the rubble of a seemingly never ending conflict, Palestine’s cultural and creative industries may offer battered Palestinians a fresh outlook.

In light of UNESCO’s recently concluded project named ‘Promoting startups in cultural and creative industries in Palestine’, UNESCO was looking at ways to reinforce Palestine’s cultural and creative industries through the creation of startups and new models of entrepreneurship to empower local entrepreneurs.

10 startups, chosen on the basis of innovation and sustainability criteria, recently completed the project’s incubation program. For many years, Palestine’s situation has been largely distorted. Fighting a somewhat isolated cause, the preserve of Palestine’s cultural and creative industries provides a liberating opportunity to reinvigorate the nation’s fight for greater justice.

Oftentimes, footages of battered Palestinians hurling stones to retaliate in a remote battlefront against the Israeli army making rounds have tainted the cause. However, this may well change through cultural and creative industries.

Pivoting toward the digital landscape to provide an honest view of their plight may give Palestinians the economic boost they so desperately need to champion the cause, bypassing lopsided news coverage to gather non-biased support from a larger world audience.

Through arts and creativity, this is an opportunity for Palestinian’s businesses to connect with empathetic outside world by providing them cultural and creative outlets to forgo mainstream media. This can help to draw attention to their enduring plight where it matters most. Rather innocuously, culture and creativity evoke the responsibility and the essence that could become a conduit for subdued Palestinians to stamp on the situation and at the same time, build worldwide cultural and creative business identities.

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