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A Stress-Free Working Space
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A Stress-Free Working Space 

Having a beautifully designed office is a dream of every organisation because it definitely plays an important role to enhance working effectiveness.


Have you seen an office with lots of facilities inside?


Yes, a shared working environment called co-working spaces is growing rapidly around the globe. For instance, WeWork, founded in 2010 in New York City, is one of the industries with a USD20 billion valuation starting from a management of co-working space into residence and gym by positioning their brand as a sense of community living to simulate the startup life.

beautiful office ambient

The founder told that the brand itself emphasised on a network of shared experiences that has been “always part of the equation” for the brand. It shows how the communal space can change the way people work and live.


As a player in the creative and technology industry, we can see that the key aspect here is offering a concept of community living. This is an interesting topic for a young entrepreneur out there to learn from this company since they have creative ideas to build a business that enhances an ecosystem industry, where we know today, connection is beyond everything. This point is even more crucial because we as individuals need to expand our circle to grow the business. And yes, co-working space is a right place to grow.

The interesting part of WeWork is when it continues to widen its business beyond the co-working spaces by producing co-living apartments that offer office management services to large companies. The client such as Microsoft rents out their spaces for 300 employees to have a more flexible office arrangement. They also broaden their business into a gym, called WeWork Wellness where the concept still implemented, which the founder wants to provide a fitness class where people can connect, and having social bonds.


As we are at the edge of a competitive industry, we need to have a robust movement, be that creative because today people compete to create unique innovation. Broaden up the business model and start to expand globally also a big opportunity for us. Because the most important thing is the more we explore for other things, the more chance we can grab.


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