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A Snapshot of Future Job Markets – the Hotspots and the Black-Spots
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A Snapshot of Future Job Markets – the Hotspots and the Black-Spots 

Pretty much every sector is making adjustments. Currently, these “adjustments” are wedged against catering to present demand and preparing for the next technology upheaval. Now, we hear many new mind-boggling terms the likes of two-speed economy being bandied about to signal all these changes and marked differences.

Surely, the job market is one that’s being redefined. The knock-on effects these changes exert are rather disruptive. As a result, new job descriptions are written day by day to reflect the changing economics of the job market.

At The Codian, we believe that all these changes taking place will eventually dovetail into new sectors currently still consolidating. To unwrap the complexity baffling many job seekers out there—it is not people getting replaced; it is traditional industries getting pushed to the side to make way for newer and speedier ones. Here are three things that job-seekers can do to get around the situation.

  1. Positively, there are numerous hotspots of opportunity provided one knows where to look for them. Obviously the black-spots are mired in slow-growth industries such as oil and gas and telecommunication, for example.
  2. Arguably, to navigate the tightest job market we have seen in two generations, job seekers can instead become entrepreneurs and create their own job opportunities by offering better products and faster services.
  3. In a world so obsessed with speed, the multitude of tools that we have today can wield great advantage in the pursuit of speed and is especially helpful in making yourself more attractive to future employers looking to build a market advantage.

In short, by tracking where these hotspots are and the changes under way in the world’s rapidly changing economy, perhaps, the opportunities you have been waiting for are already there without you noticing.

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