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A Smart Place To Work At
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A Smart Place To Work At 

Today’s new technology is about to transform the modern office by influencing everything from how we work to what we work on. It has completely altered the space we work in these days starting with “smart speakers”, workplace apps and also virtual reality systems.

The app-centric workplace has changed the way people work. It might book you a desk, check the food and handle your messages. Even Facebook in the near future will offer VR experiences, which allows meeting online in 3D.

But, how does it reform our office activities?

Smarter environments

Previously, office technology only allows us to contact someone by calling his or her desk phone. Now, you only need to carry your computer and connect wirelessly, thereby doing away with the need for a desk. In an office building, the existence of AI might work well where people are working closely with each other; by using an app, we can just book seats to sit together so that we can work more efficiently.

Technology has also become more intelligent with the advent of voice command systems, which allows people to “talk” to the walls; and sensors tracking that automates energy use so we can leverage this to help us save money.

In addition to that, Google has been testing an indoor GPS-like system, which is actually an “augmented reality” for office. Yes, this was interesting as Pokemon Go, but this one is for work.

3D Mapping is also a new capability for an industry that wants to look technology-savvy. The main advantage of these interior 3D maps is they could be used as an orientation tool for employees and visitors. It enables employees to put on a VR headset to “come to work” with a 3D version of their real office.

Changing priorities

With the rapid pace of technological development, it shows us that the biggest change is actually not only physical but also in how we work. AI helps us provide a “personal assistant”, like answering questions in Google Home and allowing us to do fewer tasks by increasingly automating the work we do. Luckily, this could be our chance to gain more mental capacity that will eventually make us more productive.

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