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4 Affordable Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups
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4 Affordable Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups 

Have a great product? Great! Now, you must consider adapting a marketing strategy for that product to reach your potential customers. While a startup business is lacking in budget allocation for paid marketing, here are some strategies that are not only cost-effective but could contribute to your business’ early success.


Affiliate Marketing

A good word from one mouth to another is basically how affiliate marketing works, i.e. similar to referral marketing. Encourage people to recommend your product to others, and pay them a commission only when customers buy your product through those referrals. You can also reach influencers through email by putting them on a list, give them a free sample of your product to try, and explain the monetary rewards that they could earn by referring a user.


Content Marketing

The most common strategy used by 90% of businesses is content marketing. While it is extremely popular, the lack of content strategy causes it to be ineffective. Streamline your content marketing process by creating an editorial calendar. It is also important to build trust and rapport with the audience through your contents. Provide them with information that relates closely to your customers daily life and use of your product.


Do-It-Yourself PR

Bloggers, journalists, instafamous (Instagram famous people) and artists are great mediums for marketing. Building quality and strong relationships will generate favourable and frequent public-relation mentions. Be reminded that they will not entertain all of your emails for a product review; use various suitable approaches for each of them.


Piggyback a popular platform

Craigslist is an example of a platform where just a few clicks allow users to easily cross-post a listing to Craigslist whilst also placing a backlink that points to their own site. It is a type of ad hoc integration for user acquisition.


Choosing the right platform is important to determine your business-marketing path. The right one will help your business grow and carve its name in the industry.

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